Here at interian we design & manufacture furniture, often using old furniture as the basis of a new design.

  If the initial piece is good & solid we will rework it whilst respecting its original form. If the piece is beyond repair we will re-use whatever we can in the process of creating a new & original piece.

  Interian is situated within the Second Floor Studios and Arts (SFSA) complex of studios and workshops beside the Thames Barrier in South East London, a space with over 450 artists and craftspeople which helps to provide inspiration for what I hope are genuinely interesting and original works.

   Please take a look at the work highlighted on the following pages and feel free to email if you have any questions or would like to buy any of the furniture shown. For further updates find us on facebook.


Ian Howson @theinterian on twitter

Many thanks,

                        Ian Howson

Hello & welcome to interian

interian creates original, individual furniture, either new designs or reworked & updated older pieces.